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Download our application and get laboratory accuracy with unlimited accessibility. Now you don´t have to visit a laboratory for accurate results. You can measure yourself anytime and anywhere.

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For individual use of mySASY, you need to purchase the training profile service, which is a ticket to the mySASY diagnostic world. Once you've paid your one-off entry, you'll be able to use our measurements for free forever forever. If you find out after a while you want a lot more, you can choose one of the advanced paid programs .


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What we offer

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Immediately usable information

Simple interpretation of results obtain by using a scientific method

The organism functions like a machine powered by an engine. The autonomic nervous system is the control unit of this machine. Its two branches control two essential functions. The parasympathetic, on the X-axis, controls the organism´s regeneration and energy stores replenishment. It controls fuel replenishment. The sympathetic, on the Y-axis, controls the organism´s reaction to stress inputs and its activation. It is like a gas pedal affecting the engine speed and fuel consumption.


mySASY works like a diagnostic which shows you how well your engine is adjusted. It can predict what needs to be done to tune it as best as possible.

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Summary graph

It clearly graphically shows the tuning of the organism in the selected period. It helps to identify the optimal training schedule.

It shows the overall performance of the autonomic nervous system and the relation between the two branches. You can clearly see how the activation and regeneration of your body changes in time depending on the undergone training mode. You can therefore easily uncover the onset of risk of overloading of the organism and an imminent injury. Or, vice-versa: when the supercompensation phase starts. You will also see how your ability to regenerate and adapt to load is affected by your genetic predispositions.

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Current compensation

It will show you in which phase of the training process you are in and will lead your next training.

One of the detailed information, which will enable you to analyse the effects of training on your organism, is the overall compensation level. How does your body react to previous training? Did it cope with the load, or does fatigue still prevail, which prevents you from undergoing further full load? Or are you already in the supercompensation phase and insufficient subsequent load would rob you of a possible maximum training effect? Besides answers to these key questions, you will also get recommendations on how to continue in training.

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Functional age

The right training will help you get younger. We will show you how to achieve this and how to record it.

The condition of the autonomic nervous system deteriorates physiologically with age, which is a natural procedure. Lifestyle, physical activity and training can change this. Find out what is your functional age compared to the general population standard. No other method will show you better how a good lifestyle and optimal physical activity can help you get younger.

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Team account

Consider the training of all team members according to their natural dispositions.

The account enables monitoring of the results of the whole team, or just selected individuals, on one screen. Not only in real time, but also in any selected time frame. Comparison of results of team members enables monitoring of the individual level of adaptation of respective athletes according to their trainability and level of regeneration. It enables analysis of the different reactions of individuals to the same training. Thereby, it prevents possible overloading of individuals with inherently lower adaptation capacity.


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3D graph and absolute values

We offer a solid expert basis with scientific overlap.

The application also provides complete results of spectral analysis of heart rate variability in the form of absolute values according to internationally valid expert standards (Task force, 1996). These outputs are applicable especially for scientific and research purposes, as well as for professionals who have already become familiar with this methodology in practice and are acquainted with the possible use of measured values. Due to the possible export of the values in the selected format it is possible to use the application for further professional and diagnostic purposes.


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How does it work?

Measuring in two body positions

Send data to server

Processing and assessment of data

Sending results back

Utilization of results to reach goals

What we are unique about



The most effective time investment. 15 minutes of measurement will save you hours of inefficient training and days of regeneration after overloading causes by unsuitable training.

Only sufficiently long measurement performed in two basic positions enables assessment of changes in the heart rhythm occurring at high, low and very low frequency. Assessment of the whole range of the frequency spectrum is an essential condition for utilization of the method of spectral analysis of heart rate variability. Only this method provides detailed information for control of training, which are based on assessment of activity of both branches of the autonomic nervous system.


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A unique algorithm translates scientific results to easily comprehensible, practically useful outputs 

The standard output of the spectral analysis of heart rate variability is complete information represented by a set of tens of absolute values, which do not make much sense to the general public. Our method uses a unique algorithm for their further processing and conversion into clearly comprehensible outputs. This algorithm is based on many years of research and verification in scientific and sports practice.

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Manual, how to proceed further in training

Immediately after completing measurement we will convert the recorded values into basic training recommendations usable for optimization of your training. You will receive clear graphical and written information about the detailed effect of the previous load or rest on your organism and the training recommendation based thereon.


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