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Bridge between sport science and practice

Specialized seminar under the guidance of specialists on solved problems - the second time in the Czech Republic

When and where?

Thursday 18.5.2017                        

14:00 - 18:00

                                  AGEL Sport Clinic, Prostějov

Who and what?

Interpretation of laboratory test results and their use in sport

Practical interpretation of the results of complex stress diagnostics and their application into a specific training process. From tables to performance growth ...

Doc. MUDr. Pavel Stejskal, CSc.


MySASY - the results of the first, truly comprehensive observation of autonomic nervous system activity in individual and team sports

What did 6000 measurements show in the first 60 days of operation? The launch of the mySASY system has made it possible to fully exploit the broad possibilities of monitoring autonomic nervous system activity through spectral analysis of heart rate variability (SA HRV) in the sports environment. The system for regular longitudinal monitoring provides the most valuable information for athletes and trainers regarding individual optimization of the training process and effective regeneration.

Mgr. Radim Šlachta Ph.D.


Dietary supplements to promote sport performance and regeneration

The lecture will answer the following questions, among other things - How do nutrition supplements effectively be included in the athlete's diet? What do you think about when choosing a dietary supplement? Which will really boost our performance? The information presented will be based on the latest findings and the current recommendations of the experts. Practice examples will be given and the participant in the seminar will take on clearly defined procedures, both in the context of sports exercise, to use (not only) normal dietary supplements and avoid dietary errors.

Mgr. Michal Kumstát, Ph.D.


For organizational reasons and in order to maintain interaction between participants and lecturers, the capacity of the seminar is limited to up to 50 participants !!! We therefore recommend that you register as soon as possible.

You can find the registration form at in the Seminars section.

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