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Heart rate monitoring is a past, monitoring its variability Is the future of sports training

The first heart rate monitor came to market almost 40 years ago (1978). As early in 1982 it was possible to evaluate the record on computer.

What are the principal changes in use of this method in the last 30-40 years?

Sporttesters, sports monitors, watches, and applications describe through many available functions the current physical activity, current training. All available results, such as heart rate, watts, speed, cadence, distance, etc. "only" describes the course of the training.

On the other hand, mySASY evaluates the actual impact of previous activity on the organism with laboratory precision by using 4 parameters and their graphical representation.

While the sporttester is something like a police officer who checks if I am moving on the road at the right speed; then mySASY is like a navigation that shows me where to go to achieve final destination.

Do not miss the boat of sports training.

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specialized articles documenting the applicability of HRV in sports
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5 main reasons, why use mySASY diagnostic system:

  1. Sportester is a past. mySASY is the future.
  2. The most advanced tool for managing the intensity and volume of sports training.
  3. Track the level of super-compensation and tuning of sports forms.
  4. Prevention of injuries from overload and overtraining.
  5. The only available monitoring of both branches of the autonomous nerve system.

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