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Autonomic nervous system - the basic control of the internal balance of the human organism and the window into its functioning

All processes in the organism that take place without human consciousness are controlled by a separate part of the nervous system - the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The aim of the procedure is to maintain the internal balance of the organism. It always involves the two parts of the ANS called sympathetic and parasympathetic.

mySASY uses state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, advanced technologies and, above all, original algorithms for data analysis and interpretation, allowing you to monitor the activity of both parts of the system even in field conditions.   

The current state of the autonomic nervous system, in particular the evaluation of the activity of its two branches, details the effect of the previous load on the internal balance of the organism, and thereby enables setting of further optimal training schedules.


Sympathetic - mainly responsible for activating the organism:

  • response to stress
  • prevalent in standby
  • triggering a fight or flight reaction
  • increases heart rate
  • mobilizes energy supplies


Parasympathetic - mainly responsible for regeneration and replenishment of energy supplies:

  • adaptation to stress and load
  • prevalent during the resting phase
  • replenishment of energy supplies
  • tissue renewal
  • recovery


The activity of these two branches, and their mutual equilibrium, fundamentally affects the response and subsequent adaptation of the organism to any load. ANS monitoring via mySASY allows:

  • tracking how the organism copes with previous load
  • monitoring the current level of energy supply replenishment
  • monitoring the current level of compensation / adaptation
  • determining the onset of the supercompensation phase
  • determining when to apply what type of load or regeneration to maximize the training effect

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